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Engineered to obey sound theory while revolutionizing the outboard experience.

The Seven Wonders

Tradition is too conventional for the innovation required to drive change.  Seven embodies a pursuit or perfection with the humility to accept that progress never stops.


SpectraBlade™ Package

The newly updated SpectraBlade™ featured on the 627sv further advances cowl design and style. The blade elements broaden color customization, continuing to lead the industry in cowl style, customer individuality and luxury.

Marine-specific LED lights are embedded in a silicone jacket protecting them from the harsh marine environment. Seven’s lights are color selectable, completely waterproof and SpectraBlade’s patent-pending design shields the LEDs from the sun’s UV rays.

Engineered for high speed torque management

Torque Management

Forged gear blanks from gear specific alloys. Proprietary heat treat. Double shot peened stress relief. Lightweight gears silently mesh for maximum efficiency and thrilling acceleration and top end. Fuel economy at cruise is maximized with minimal losses and pressure lubrication.

Ground Helical Gearing –20˚ Pressure Angle. Precision ground gears engineered for high speed torque management. 99.5% geartrain improves fuel economy and reliably handles over 600lbft of supercharged torque.

SpectraLite™ Package

The SpectraLite package featured on the 577s offers an all new luxurious lighting approach for conservative preferences.  Designed to compliment onboard vessel lighting, SpectraLite offers customizable LED colors for the stern.

Precision throttle response and advanced engine management

Drive X Wire

87mm Electromechanical throttle body Dual Voltage Control. Precision throttle response and advanced engine management ensure safety and reliability and allow the engine ECU to protect the engine in the event of a fault.

Electronic engine management and control means that the entire system is accessible for service and maintenance. Detailed service information keeps engines running longer more consistently. Up-time is constantly improving with the detailed informant available.

Engineered for Strength

Corrosion Resistant Metallurgy

Electropolished Stainless Steel Alloy: 316L

Acid etched, electropolished durability. Attention to detail and engineering for the future, Seven only uses the finest materials and invests in the extra processes that are often overlooked. High strength low copper aluminum alloys, durable polished stainless steel, engineering grade plastics.

A quiet refined cruise

Acoustic Engineering

New inlet and discharge geometry. 6th generation supercharger makes more boost with greater efficiency and less noise. A quiet refined cruise with powerful top end sets world class standards.

6th generation Roots style supercharger with 160˚ of twist. Quiet fuel efficient cruising with instantaneous throttle response & torque to move the largest outboard powered boats.

Race inspired information


Touch Screen Intuitive Interface –TEC7 Display.

Using a cutting edge blend of touchscreen inteface and physical buttons, the Seven TEC7 display is the ultimate balance of information and usability. All the information you need, at the touch of a button, simplified for use in extreme performance environments.

Using the brightest display possible – 450 NIT Brightness – with tran-flective technology underneath, we use the sun’s energy to brighten the display enhancing legibility in direct sunlight.

Exquisitely organic geometry

Lightweight Composites

Building the most powerful outboards in the world requires attention to even the smallest details. The best power to weight of any production outboard requires using the latest manufacturing processes and materials.

Carbon Fiber Composite construction for exquisitely organic geometry. Vacuum bagged ultralight fabrication for the ultimate in consistency and strength

Dual Exhaust

Peace can be found in the cadence of a V8 exhaust note.  Style and function meet to deliver exotic proportions.  When these proportions improve low speed maneuverability by reducing exhaust discharge near the propeller, and enhance power then style meets substance.  The benefit of Seven innovation.

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