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Seven Featured In March/April 2015 Issue Of Speed On The Water

Seven Marine

May 12, 2015

Seven Marine is featured in both the 350+ hp outboard roundup and the Midnight 43′ Open profile

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Outboard Big Dogs

SEVEN MARINE 627 & 557
Still Blazing Trails
With two more cylinders to work with than Mercury Marine and Mercury Racing, the folks at five-year-old Seven Marine in Germantown, Wis., have pulled some amazing numbers out of their supercharged LSA V-8-based outboard platform, which is the same for 557-hp and 627-hp outboards. Of course, coaxing another 70 hp out of the new powerplant, which boasts LED lighting for spectacular looks after dark, took some development work. “The additional horsepower comes through changes in the combustion system,” said Brian Davis, vice president of the company. “We were able to produce a more turbulent combustion process that enabled us to get a cleaner burn. We took some combustion out of the motor, and we were able to add spark and more fuel. That result is a broader torque curve, better midrange power and higher horsepower. “The 627 has a different fuel injection system, different cylinder heads and different exhaust valves,” he continued. “The LSA engine is a really sensational package and we have engineered it for the marine cycle. And we’re continuing to dial it.”