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Seven Marine launches new website

Seven Marine

Feb 15, 2018

GERMANTOWN, Wis. (Feb. 15, 2018) – Seven Marine today announced the new Seven Experience website at The renowned luxury big outboard manufacturer is making it easier for customers to engage with the company and explore its exclusive offerings.

“To be able to connect with our global customer base through our website and social channels is of big importance to us,” says Maik van Zoggel, director of marketing and international sales at Seven Marine. “Our website launch is a key milestone in the digital strategy of the company. We are offering unprecedented access to go behind the scenes in a unique way to capture the essence of Seven. We will soon roll out a spectacular series of video blogs (vlogs), customer stories, films and photo-reports. It will become an important platform for customers to find out more about our products and services and to engage with Seven more naturally than before. In addition to showcasing Seven’s history and unrivaled technological excellence, the new portal reveals the people behind the Seven story and makes it clear why our customers find Seven ownership such a privilege.”

“Our goal with this new website is to move from an online presence to a complete online Seven experience,” said van Zoggel. “Most websites are static — factual affairs based purely upon the product. In contrast, the new Seven portal will be an all-around storytelling adventure that immerses visitors in the process of owning Sevens.”

Features include:

  • Design your Seven: Become part of the design process of your own personal Seven engines though our online design configurators.
  • Boat partners: Access the full catalogue of boat partners who are experienced in installing Seven power, including company information, enhanced boat performance data and image galleries.
  • Service and support: Easily find where our service partners operate in any region across the world.

“We understand that making a motor purchase often requires a big investment for customers, and a smart investment requires access to all necessary information to make the best choice,” added van Zoggel. “The ability to access information digitally at any time is an integral part of our customers’ lives now, and an important factor in the decision – making process.”

Over the coming period, additional features will be added to the site, including a service portal, performance calculators and an engine configurator — all designed to make your Seven choice a more intuitive experience.