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Uncompromising Outboard Performance

Revolutionizing the outboard experience

Industry’s first fully integrated system designed to propel bigger boats with outboard performance and an yacht like inboard experience.

Volvo Penta’s fully integrated EVC System.

Helm to Prop

Seven Marine outboard package is now offered with Volvo Penta’s fully integrated EVC System. Package delivers a unique experience on the water for customers interested in high power, torque, combined with full helm-to-prop integration. Includes features designed for easy boating:
– Increased monitoring and control at the helm
– Joystick driving and docking
– Volvo Penta Easy Connect

Reliability. Durability. Refinement. Power.

The Seven 527 with DuoProp Technology

The 527 with DuoProp Technology is an application engineered outboard designed specifically for the changing needs of big outboard boats. A premium outboard broadening access to the improved big boat outboard experience. Capable of powering the largest outboard boats, the new 527  does not compromise. Reliability. Durability. Refinement. Power. This may just be our best outboard yet.

Maneuvering has never been easier

Joystick Control

With Volvo Penta joystick driving and docking, maneuvering has never been easier. The design and heavy duty controls allow full vessel control, in addition to increased comfort, better drivability and enhanced safety.

Uncompromising Outboard Performance

Integrated Auto Pilot

The Volvo Penta Autopilot offers a complete auto-steering solution, perfect for easy and efficient operation. Fully integrated with Glass Cockpit, all vessel control and navigation data on a single touchscreen control and display improve the ease of the boating experience.

Smooth shifting

Dual Wet Clutch Transmission

With the inboard-style dual Wet-Disk Clutch Transmission, smooth shifts with joystick control provide an enjoyably smooth boating experience. While in DPS mode, enjoy the quieter and smoother operation of switching

Enhanced fuel efficiency

Volvo Penta DuoProp© Lower Unit

Enhanced fuel efficiency, planning speeds, maneuvering and power are just a few benefits of the Volvo Penta DuoProp©. Its highly efficient and predictable handling, together with excellent onboard comfort and fuel efficiency, provide top speed performance.

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