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Maik van Zoggel

Director Marketing and International Sales

Maik van Zoggel is Seven’s Director of Marketing and International Sales.

Similar to many, if not all of Seven Marine’s employees, Maik’s success and dedication to Seven can be attributed to his continuous interest in the boating industry. For years, Maik enjoyed studying cultures, business, yacht design, and philosophy, which he was able to expand further at Delft University in the Netherlands, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

Maik quickly immersed himself into the business world, and in 2008 founded YachtsXL, a successful media company serving over 100 clients in the super yacht industry in 22 countries around the world.

Following his success, Maik joined Seven Marine in 2016, overseeing Global Marketing and International Sales. He is currently the advisor to the board of several leading industry organizations and has a strong international network.

Today Maik resides in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with Bianca, and together they share passions for boating, skiing, and traveling.